Creating the SWEGTA YouTube channel in 2010, SWEGTA has since actively produced hundreds of videos about Rockstar Games and their titles.

After years of mostly making videos about 'Bully' (A 2006 title by Rockstar Games), the channel's focus shifted to more general Rockstar Games related news and commentaries.

Over the years Mark, also known as SWEGTA, has collaborated with many different content creators and even some actors who previously worked with Rockstar. 

SWEGTA has been cited as a reliable source by many video game related news sites, amassed over 160,000 subscribers on YouTube, provided Bully fans with a website to download and share game modifications, and been listed twice in Guiness World Records ("Gamer's Edition", 2018 and 2019).

SWEGTA with YouTube Silver Play Button — April 2019